Matt Johnson

Instructor (Level 1)Matthew began working in Pilates in the Fall of 2014. Sitting and working in an office setting combined with poor body mechanics were contributing factors in a severe exercise-induced hip/back injury in 2014. Matthew’s mobility and quality of life were significantly limited and subsequent medical treatments revealed multiple bulging disks with surgery recommended.  This lead Matthew to discover Pilates as a methodology to enhance core strength, joint mobility, and proper body mechanics.    Two years later Matthew is completely pain, and injury free and practices the fundamentals of Pilates in life and daily activities. Matthew began training with Steven Winterstein of Kinetic Axis in January 2015.  Matthew loves the mind-body connection and awareness found in Pilates and is thrilled to share this passion with others.

In addition, Matthew has worked in the field of Public Health for the past 10 years and continues full-time while practicing Pilates in the evenings/weekends and has been living in the Chicago area with his
wife since 2013.

B.A. Economics, University of Iowa

B.A. Philosophy, University of Iowa

M.A. Public Health, Georgia State University