Gretchen Soechting

Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Columbia College Chicago. A lifelong practitioner of dance, she was early in her education introduced to Pilates as a supplemental regimen to training in ballet and modern dance techniques. After many years dabbling in mat repertoire, Gretchen came to Kinetic Axis serendipitously, where she fell in love with Steven’s functional anatomical approach and the changes it incited in her own physicality. While her years of somatic movement experience enrich her work teaching in a studio. Pilates has, in turn, enlightened her understanding of and experience in the efficiency¬†of movement. She is fascinated by the body as machine, and finds Pilates to be an invaluable tool in living well and wholly. When not teaching as Kinetic Axis, Gretchen can be found collaborating and dancing around town as a freelance performer. She is in her sixth season as a company member with Synapse Arts.